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The Kyrgyz Republic is located in Central Asia. Kazakhstan, to the north 1,km longUzbekistan, CBT Ekaterinburg the west 1,km longTajikistan, to the south km longand China to the south and east 1,km long.

The Kyrgyz Republic is a mountainous country. Ninety-four percent of the country is over 1,m above sea CBT Ekaterinburg and about forty-one percent is over 3,m. The average elevation is 2,m; the highest elevation is 7,m; and the lowest is m.

The highest points of the Tien-Shan mountain range are the Pamir 7,m and Khan-Tengri 6,m summits. The biggest lakes are Yssyk-Kol 6, sq. The climate of Kyrgyzstan is continental, with a relevantly small amount of atmospheric precipitation.

On average there are sunny days annually. Jailoo high altitude summer pastures: Year-round Hiking at CBT Ekaterinburg ASL: Late June — late October Horseback riding: March to November SouthApril to October North. More then 5 million.

The CBT Ekaterinburg economy is basically cash based. In cities it is usually safe to drink tap water but bottled spring and mineral water is available throughout the country. Many people in the capital speak English.

There are only a few international flight routes that arrive in Bishkek. Within Kyrgyzstan local air companies frequently fly CBT Ekaterinburg Jalalabat, Osh and Batken Tajikistan on a regular basis.

Kyrgyzstan Air, Bishkek Air, AviaTraffic Moscow, Siberia, Istanbul, Dubai, Seoul, Tashkent, Dushanbe, Urumchi. Turkish Airlines Istanbul and Ulan-Bator, Mongolia , Aeroflot Russian Airlines Moscow , S7 Novosibirsk , Fly Dubai Dubai , Air Astana Almaty , Southern China Airlines Urumchi , Uzbekistan Airways Tashkent , Tajik Air Dushanbe CBT Ekaterinburg, Ural Airlines Ekaterinburg.

The vast, mirror-like surface of   Lake Yssyk-Kol   is framed by a silver necklace of snow-capped mountains. The remains of ancient settlements dated to the centuries, lie at the bottom of the lake, at Chon Koi-Suu, where the ruins of several stone and brick buildings, foundations of buildings, floors, timber floors, fences, etc.

Lake Yssyk-Kol   km long x 70km wide   and m deep, is considered to be the second largest mountain lake in the world, after Lake Titicaca in Southern America. It is situated high in the mountains at 1,m above sea level. Water temperatures range from 24°C to 4°C. The mountain, and at CBT Ekaterinburg same time, marine microclimate produces a wild, unique environment.

The mountains surrounding the lake are a shelter for very rare animals species snow leopard, cutter-loader, wild boar, etc. Impetuous, violent rivers, starting from snow-white glaciers, carry their CBT Ekaterinburg to the lake, filling it. The clear, salty water CBT Ekaterinburg an ideal breeding ground for a multitude of fish species. They really remind you of seven bulls if you look at them from a distance.

You will learn much that is new, about these rocks from the legends and stories of natives. The mountain air is filled with the scent of grass.

Currants are ripening on the CBT Ekaterinburg. Copses of willow rustle in the light breeze, as if telling a fairy tale, CBT Ekaterinburg old as these grey mountains. In autumn, apple-tree branches are sagging under the weight of heavy fruits, shining in the sunlight. These are the famous Yssyk-Kol apples, the taste of which you will never forget.

The truly magical mountain  L ake of Son-Kol   is situated at an altitude of 3,m above sea level in the Tien-Shan mountain range. The lake is 13,2m deep at the deepest point, 29km long and 18km in width. Since olden days, nomads from Kochkor, Naryn and At-Bashy have settled here for summer pasture. Together with their families, they spend the summer here, using the Son-Kol shore for pasture.

The lake shines like a pearl, set in a mount CBT Ekaterinburg a snow-white chain of mountains. In summer, the water temperature is °C, from November till May the lake is ice-bound. No trees or shrubs grow here, CBT Ekaterinburg you have a unique opportunity to see a scattering of edelweiss and lots of other rare flowers. The reservoir is a unique source for ornithological scientific research, especially for those, who study ducks.

The number of species runs up to The wild shore is home to many species of beasts snow leopard, red wolf, fox, etc. CBT Ekaterinburg shepherds will greet you CBT Ekaterinburg dear guests in CBT Ekaterinburg yurt camps.

Here you will be able to slake your thirst with the national Kyrgyz drink — kymyz. One of the most exciting opportunities for travelers in Kyrgyzstan is the chance CBT Ekaterinburg spend a night in a yurt on the   jailoo.

Jailoos are the pastures where thousands of Kyrgyz families still spend their summers, grazing their flocks and living much as their nomadic forefathers did thousands of years ago. But every April and May, shepherds load their yurt into the truck or perch it precariously a top of the Ladaround up the herd, and head to the hills.

To visit the jailoo and CBT Ekaterinburg the night in a family yurt is to experience at first hand the nomadic past so central to this web page Kyrgyz people. Here, the traditional Kyrgyz family lives on; the march of progress sweeps permanent winter homes along, but sheer isolation keeps the jailoo frozen in time. Kyrgyz hospitality has free rein here, and portability is king, as it always has been. Isolated too from urbanization CBT Ekaterinburg development, the jailoos CBT Ekaterinburg great natural beauty: This is the heart of the Kyrgyz experience.

Arrange a stay on CBT Ekaterinburg jailoo through CBT Kochkor, CBT Naryn. At the foot of the Chatkal CBT Ekaterinburg range, at an altitude of 1,m above sea level, there is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world — Sary-Chelek.

It appeared as a result of a strong earthquake. Its sweet water is so clear, that CBT Ekaterinburg stones at the bottom of the lake and darting, timid fish are in full view. The lake is m deep, 2,m wide and 7,m long. Sary-Chelek is situated in the center of a National reserve. Here you can see diverse flora and fauna species of plants, 32 species of trees, 80 types of bushes, 38 species of animals and species of birds.

Grand mountains occupy most of the reserve, resting their snow-covered peaks against the sky. The murmuring CBT Ekaterinburg sound like the endless melody of the mountains. Walnut forests of Arstanbap. The mountain forests of Kyrgyzstan are surprisingly beautiful and rich. Is there anyone, who has not heard about the famous walnut forests of Arstanbap?

The surviving nut forests are spread over 1, hectares. In rocky canyons, at an altitude of 2,m above sea level, mountain rivers plunge downwards and create fabulous waterfalls. Massive, year old, 2-metre diameter, metre high walnut-trees rock with the breath of a fresh breeze.

A curious squirrel is carefully looking out of the trees, having heard the steps. This landscape is a suitable breeding area for many animal and birds species. According to legend, in ancient times a very industrious man name Arstanbap lived here. At that time this place was not such a blooming oasis as it is now.

Read article decided to make this place a paradise, planting nut, peach, apricot, plum, pistachio and apple trees there.

Today you have a unique opportunity to visit this paradise. Impetuous and violent, the largest river in the country, the km long Naryn, flows unrestrainedly down the mountain canyons. The third largest lake in Kyrgyzstan, Chatyr-Kol width 11km, length 23km, depth CBT Ekaterinburg is situated on the western outskirts of the Ak-Sai Valley between the At-Bashy and Torugart-Too Ranges at an altitude of 3,m above sea level.

Mountain geese and ducks fly together here. Roes, martens, lynxes, CBT Ekaterinburg boars and porcupines inhabit the canyons of the wild rivers. In the coniferous forests of the Karatal-Japar reserve, one may meet brown bear, goat and snow leopard.

The culture is most concentrated in rural areas, particularly Naryn. Kyrgyz culture is a nomadic, tribal CBT Ekaterinburg of life rich with seasonal traditions, and unlike neighboring societies, has been entirely portable. Traditional life is simple but hard work surrounding animal husbandry where loyalty to the extended family and clan as well as deference to men and elders is valued centrally. Kyrgyz is a modest, conservative culture, but unlike the rest of Central Asia follows religious Islam only lightly and despite relative geographic and economic isolation is open to accepting and living alongside foreign ideas and cultures.

The quiet, peaceable Kyrgyz culture makes up around 5 million residents globally. Music The Kyrgyz value music highly. Most feasts have a singing break between courses, when guests take turns belting out traditional melodies. Tone-deafness is no obstacle, and the contribution of foreigners will be much appreciated. Instrumental accompaniment has a strong tradition, CBT Ekaterinburg. Riddles, proverbs, and tongue twisters also have important places in the hearts of the people.

The most important Kyrgyz instrument is CBT Ekaterinburg   komuza three-stringed pear-shaped object made of apricot wood, usually.

The strings were historically made of sheep intestine. The komuz has a quiet, amiable sound, though strange, electrified versions have begun to appear. Read more ability to play the komuz is widely respected, though the importance of tuning before playing seems to be less widely acknowledged.

It can be made of cane, honeysuckle wood, copper, or other materials, and has a nasal, buzzing tone. It has been celebrated on March 21 st   for more than 2, years. A lot of preparation goes into this special day.

People buy or make new clothes, and boz ui are erected and decorated with juniper to make them as attractive as possible. In Bishkek, the CBT Ekaterinburg festivities culminate in a game of ulak tartysh see belowand in every city and village in the land, smaller but no less lively celebrations take place.

It is a great honor to take part in Nooruz, which is held in Muslim countries all over the world. The groom and his friends come to take the bride away. The beshik is a wooden cradle used to swaddle a child until he or she CBT Ekaterinburg walking. Historically, the Kyrgyz made very simple beshiks, suitable to their nomadic way of life. Two arcs are made from a bunch of dry willow as thick as a forearm; holes are made in their bases.

Sticks matching these holes are attached, and wicker rope is strung between the sticks. A mattress is spread out CBT Ekaterinburg. Jentek toi   Birth Feast New parents show their happiness by treating their neighbors, and a mark of respect is to treat people to   sary mai   yellow butter.

To honor the baby, guests bring CBT Ekaterinburg, animals or food. Relatives offer calves, sheep or lambs. They can also present a   shyrdak   carpet or CBT Ekaterinburg. National Games Kyrgyz people usually hold their national games on public holidays and at feasts. There are many traditional horse games.

This gets extremely rough, and the strength required to muscle through the defense and read article the kg carcass into the goal is daunting.

Kyz-Kuumai This is a contest between a young man and a young woman, both on horseback. The object of the game is for the man to try to overtake the woman. The woman is given a faster horse and a head start CBT Ekaterinburg about 5 CBT Ekaterinburg 10 seconds.

Only then can the young man start his CBT Ekaterinburg. If CBT Ekaterinburg catches her, he is rewarded with a kiss on her face. If he does not catch up with source, then the woman gives him a lashing with a whip. Somewhat similar to the Western game of marbles, the object is to knock as many   chuko as possible by throwing a weighted   chuko   or large rock from a distance. Each 3   chukos   knocked make one set called an   upai   or   basym.

The goal is to gain as many upais as possible. The Kyrgyz play many other games: National Cusine Kyrgyzstan hosts over 80 distinct cultures and nationalities. Unsurprisingly, its diverse multiethnic environment CBT Ekaterinburg influenced a variety of national cuisines and beverages, particularly from Kyrgyz, Russian, Dungan, Uzbek, and Korean traditions.

Kyrgyz food is heavy on meat, dairy, and bread, and light on spices. This is less true of Dungan and Uighur dishes. Ce o triadă în whole sheep is cut up and boiled in a   kazan   iron pot CBT Ekaterinburg the soup from this pot is ready to be drunk and the bones with meat learn more here them are ready to be distributed.

After besh barmak, the best dish to serve the honored guest is   plov. Plov is generally served as an enormous mound of rice with onions and carrots, and pieces of boiled meat on top.

Among other   main dishes   there are also   manty   fist-sized steamed dumplings filled with mutton and onions  lagman  a Dungan dish of thick home-made noodles in a relatively spicy sauce, with cabbage, onions, and tomatoes  chuchpara   or   pelmeni smaller dumplings filled with onions, mutton and fat, and served in a soup  kuurdak   slices of fried mutton or beef, with onions and spices, served on a plate garnished with herbs  shorpo   soup with potatoes, vegetables, and a big hunk of mutton on the here Among a variety of   drinks  one should be mentioned separately.

Bozo   is a thick fermented millet drink, slightly carbonated and drunk mostly in CBT Ekaterinburg winter. A drink of fermented barley, drunk mostly in summer. A 2 nd   century BCE Before the Common Era Chinese text briefly mentions a tribe living on the upper reaches of the Yenisei River in Siberia, thought to be ancestors of the present-day Kyrgyz. They began to move south for unknown reasons at an unknown time, probably completing their migration by the 12 th   century CBT Ekaterinburg Common Era.

When they reached present-day Kyrgyzstan, these pale Kyrgyz arrived in a place with human inhabitants stretching back probably 25, years, and a complicated human history detailed below, and dating to the Scythians or Sakas, who enter the historical record in the 8 th   century BCE.

The Sakas were the first nomadic emperors of Central Asia, though there would be many to follow. Originating further west, the Scythians were squeezed eastward by the Persians, eventually settling in the Fergana and Chui valleys.

Over the next centuries, the Scythians disappeared, supplanted and absorbed by the Kushan Empire, which stretched from India to the Aral Sea at its height. While his exact itinerary in present-day Kyrgyzstan is unknown, locals still delight in CBT Ekaterinburg that this or that city Osh or Jalalabat, usually was a result CBT Ekaterinburg his expedition. Alexander died in BCE in Babylon, and the Macedonian presence in Kyrgyzstan would not return.

The Chinese had been consolidating their great dynasties to the east CBT Ekaterinburg thousands of years by this point. The Heavenly Horses of Fergana were legendary for their speed, and sweated blood.

The latter turned CBT Ekaterinburg not to be an effect of the former; the culprit was probably a skin parasite. Nevertheless, undaunted, CBT Ekaterinburg recognized the possibilities of trade, and the Great Silk Road was created. The Great Silk CBT Ekaterinburg The Great Silk Road was not one route but a network of caravan paths. The center of Asia is a colossal mess of forbidding mountains, lethal deserts, and daunting distances, populated at the time by enough warring tribes to dishearten all but the most entrepreneurial merchants.

Camel and horse CBT Ekaterinburg started to snake west from Luoyang, due south CBT Ekaterinburg Beijing, and east from western endpoints like Antioch Antakya in modern Turkey and Constantinople on the Dardanelles. Nearly CBT Ekaterinburg the major roads in Kyrgyzstan today were corridors on the Great Silk Road. Goods entered via the Fergana and Talas Valleys and exited over the Torugart Pass and another, now unused, pass to the west.

The Great Silk Road did much to enrich the middlemen of Central Asia, and cities grew and grew rich, but for many years more the middle of Asia was best known to the outside world for the scores of fierce warrior tribes that it spawned.

The most famous of these came from the Altai Mountains, in southern Mongolia and northern Xinjiang, but each inevitably used Central Asia as a stepping-stone on its way to invading the European history books.

The Huns were first, emerging from the steppes before AD and eventually CBT Ekaterinburg on Rome. The Huns held sway si MOE Central Asia and many other places untilwhen their successors from the Altai, the Turks, defeated them at the battle of Talas. The Turks, like the Huns, were nomadic.

Their western khanate was probably based in the Chui valley in northern Http://, where they encountered the CBT Ekaterinburg, a settled farmer tribe of Iranian origin who had founded, among others, Navekat, now the village of Krasnaya Rechka in Chui oblast, and Jul, a predecessor of Bishkek.

Unusually, the nomadic Turks and the settled Sogdians got along just fine, and the cultures gradually became one. Modern Kyrgyz is a Turkic language, as are Uzbek, Turkmen, Kazakh, Uygur, Tatar, Azeri, and Turkish Tajik is Persian in origin, more similar to Farsi, while Dungan CBT Ekaterinburg of Chinese descent. To this point, Central Asia was a religious collage. Buddhist caves can be found near Bishkek, and evidence CBT Ekaterinburg Zoroastrian and cosmetice psoriazis Moartă religious activity has been turned up around the region.

But following the death of the Prophet Mohammed, Arab armies exploded out of here Middle East in all directions. From Baghdad, an army headed east, bringing Islam with it. From CBT Ekaterinburg in present-day Turkmenistan in to Fergana inthe Arabs moved CBT Ekaterinburg eastward. The allied Turks and Sogdians halted their advance here, and expelled the invaders from the Fergana Valley.

Seizing the moment, the Chinese CBT Ekaterinburg invaded Fergana from the east, at which point local Sogdians and Turks put past disputes behind them, abruptly allied with the Arabs, and destroyed the Chinese armies at another Battle of Talas in In the 10 th   century, the Karakhanids replaced the Samanids, but the great cities of CBT Ekaterinburg continued to develop.

Farther east in Kyrgyzstan, the Karakhanids completed the conversion the Kyrgyz to Islam, and ruled from Balasagun Burana, near Tokmok and Mavarannahr Ozgon, near CBT Ekaterinburg. The Great Silk Road flourished. In the 11 th   century, another Turkic group, the Seljuks, defeated the Karakhanids, who had been busy with the Ghaznavids, CBT Ekaterinburg converting northern India to Islam.

Somewhere into this violent melting-pot of nomads and farmers and ephemeral empires ventured the southward-bound Kyrgyz. The closest relatives to the present-day Kyrgyz are the Kazakhs, and Turkic people still live in scattered communities CBT Ekaterinburg along the presumed trail of the Kyrgyz, back to their Siberian origin.

Inthe Mongols emerged Altmann și psoriazisul uvb Bewegung the Altai Mountains, as had the Huns and Turks before them, with an armystrong led by Jenghiz Khan, destroying all that resisted their advance.

The Kyrgyz, CBT Ekaterinburg considering resistance long enough to be nearly wiped out, joined the army as mercenaries. Contrary to Western stereotypes, the Mongols allowed subject peoples to thrive under their protection, and the Kyrgyz, still nomadic, recovered from the initial Mongol onslaught. His great-great-great-grandson was Babur, who ruled from Osh until being driven south and founding the Mogul empire in CBT Ekaterinburg India in Tash-Rabat Complex is a historical and cultural area, including two of the oldest memorials: Karavanserai Tash-Rabat is one of few, well preserved memorials from CBT Ekaterinburg Middle Ages.

It is situated at an altitude of more than 3,m above sea level in the picturesque canyon of Kara-Kuiun, 60km just click for source At-Bashi Village and 90km from Naryn.

Tash-Rabat   was constructed in the XVth century, on the ancient trade route from Central Asia to China and was a resting place for merchants, ambassadors, travelers and other wanderers. It is the largest construction built of stone of the Central Asian architecture of that epoch. Lost CBT Ekaterinburg primeval wilderness, far CBT Ekaterinburg inhabited localities, the karavanserai looks unbleached, monumental and unassailable.

Site CBT Ekaterinburg the ancient settlement of Koshoi-Korgon is 12km from At-Bashy. Tens CBT Ekaterinburg hectares are covered by the Stone Gallery, with tens of thousands of black-and-white rock paintings in the upper Saimaluu-Tash tract, dated to the 2nd century B.

The CBT Ekaterinburg is 30km to the south of Kazarman. The ruins of ancient settlements are preserved on the outskirts of Kazarman, reminding one of the city of th centuries.

Memorials from the saks and usunis epochs CBT Ekaterinburg represented by m high barrows, scattered around, with burial chambers inside. Home About us CBT Groups CBT Alay CBT Arstanbap CBT Bokonbaevo CBT Jalalabat CBT Chon-Kemin CBT Karasuu CBT Karakol CBT Kazarman CBT Kochkor CBT Kyzyl-Oi CBT Naryn CBT Osh CBT Sary-Mogol CBT Talas CBT Tamchy Services Training Tour products Partners Media Gallery Video Useful About Kyrgyzstan Practical information Contacts.

Pages About Kyrgyzstan Practical information Tour products News BBC Women See more in Bishkek Weather in Naryn Weather in Karakol Weather in Osh Weather in Batken Weather in Dzhalal-Abad Weather in Talas. About Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan official name: March to November South click the following article, April to October North Time: More then 5 million Ethnic Groups: In cities it is usually safe to drink tap water but bottled spring and mineral water is available throughout the country Languages: Kyrgyzstan Air, Bishkek Air, AviaTraffic Moscow, CBT Ekaterinburg, Istanbul, Dubai, Seoul, CBT Ekaterinburg, Dushanbe, Urumchi International air companies: These are the famous Yssyk-Kol apples, the taste of which you will never forget The truly magical mountain CBT Ekaterinburg ake of Son-Kol   is situated at an altitude of 3,m above sea level in the Tien-Shan mountain range.

Walnut forests of Arstanbap  The mountain forests of Kyrgyzstan are surprisingly beautiful and rich. Nomadic Traditions Kyrgyz culture traditionally values those activities that need little equipment and can fill the empty hours between the chores of the day and sunset a place more commonly filled by television now. A visit to a jailoo might be the most exciting experience of any journey to Kyrgyzstan. Jailoos feature amazingly beautiful landscapes and a special ambience that has changed little in centuries.

In Kyrgyz, jailoo means a high-altitude summer pasture, usually at 2, meters above sea level. The distinguishing feature of summer life on the jailoos is the yurt itself, the top ventilation hole of which, tunduk, CBT Ekaterinburg featured on the Kyrgyz flag. Perfected over centuries of nomadic living, the boz ui is easily constructed, dismantled, and carried.

At the request of visitors, a demonstration of how to erect the boz ui can be organized by a hospitable Kyrgyz family, CBT Ekaterinburg explanation of each detail and description of CBT Ekaterinburg material of which the structure is made.

Inside and out, the yurt is entirely handmade — even stabilizing ropes are braided from leather or woven from wool. With the aid of local craftswomen, tourists may try their hands at making the Kyrgyz felt carpets called   shyrdaksCBT Ekaterinburg cover the floor of the yurt, decorating their creations to their own taste.

A CBT Ekaterinburg at a jailoo immerses the visitors in a natural environment and the atmosphere of the nomadic lifestyle, which has been practiced by Kyrgyz people for ages.

How will you explore the surrounding untouched corners of nature? On horseback, searching for petroglyphs and rock paintings? Or hiking to waterfalls, impetuous mountain rivers, and bubbling streams of clean drinkable spring water?

Perhaps scrambling over small glaciers? In the evening, fuel up for another day with CBT Ekaterinburg fireside supper, surrounded by the clean air and sounds of a pristine mountain ecosystem, and spend a night in a yurt under tent of stars. Importantly, a trip to the jailoo is a golden opportunity for responsible tourism. Practically all elements psoriazis comentarii acetat de the tourist experience are offered by local service providers yurts, tents, horses, food, local English-speaking guides, etc.

As a result, quality CBT Ekaterinburg reasonable are guaranteed, and tourism revenues stay within rural communities. Taking as its subject the entire history of the Kyrgyz people starting in about the 10 th   century, the epic is a description CBT Ekaterinburg valorous feats of the central hero Manas, battling the barbarian hordes to create a homeland for his people.

Before being slain in the triumphant final battle, he marries the wise Kanykei, daughter of a Samarkand khan. Sequels tell of the exploits of their son, Semetei, and his son Seitek. Along the way, the epic detours through colorful descriptions of everyday life with its traditions, customs, feasts and funerals.

The   manaschy   is the this web page professional Manas storyteller. An esteemed bard was always welcome in any house. Singing Manas was ideally suited to the different situations and is the core of the Kyrgyz self-image.

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